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1. General Comics
Features selected cartoons and e-cards in different categorie...
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2. Satire Humour - One Litre Net
Articles about current issues society boredom an...
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Collection of funny pictures photos cartoons jokes and vid...
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4. Dont Make Me Laugh
A collection of humor categorized by subject. Categories include yo mama blonde and silly jokes. There is also a facility to r...
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5. Teletastic Videos
Funny Internet videos TV clips classic clips and commercials. All videos free t...
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6. Jokes at
The jokes fun humor and comedy Wiki. It provides high quality entertainment. The website is a wiki for jokes where anyone can read comment on and write joke...
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7. Gag Report
Award-winning humorous site featuring funny weird news stories amusing video clips hilarious commercials outrageous prank calls and bizarre animations....
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